Wardell Gray is considered by many admirers to be a model of tenor sax excellence, and so it is understandable that students would benefit from a careful examination of his solos. As a result, some transcriptions from recorded solos to standard musical notation have been done. This section of the Website presents previously unpublished transcriptions of Wardell Gray solos in PDF format for the use of music students and scholars. We thank the transcribers for their contributions. Twisted (Master Take)

This is an original contribution offered by Alex Hoffman, a prominent New York City-based tenor saxophonist. Mr. Hoffman has transcribed the master take of Twisted, which was recorded on November 11, 1949 for Prestige records. A few years later (1952) vocalist Annie Ross put some very clever words to his solo and recorded a best-selling vocalesed version of Twisted.

Sweet Lorraine (Master Take)

This original transcription is also by Alex Hoffman. It was recorded during the same recording session that produced Twisted. There was only one take.


Another original transcription by Alex Hoffman. Jackie was first recorded at a Prestige session on January 21, 1952, but this transcription is from a live recording at The Haig in Los Angeles, CA, on September 9, 1952. Since there is not the usual three-minute time limit, the solo is longer and so it provides an opportunity to study Gray's approach to solo development.

The next three original contributions are offered by Melne Murphy, a California bay area musician and graduate student. She has provided three selections, but has kindly offered transcriptions in both concert and tenor scales. This should be of great help to players of non-tenor scaled instruments. The first two selections come from the One for Prez date of November 23, 1946 in Hollywood, CA. The third is from a 1950 live All Stars performance at the Hula Hut Club in Los Angeles.

One For Prez (Concert)

One For Prez (Tenor)

The Man I Love (Concert)

The Man I Love (Tenor)

Scrapple From The Apple (Concert)

Scrapple From The Apple (Tenor)