Wardell Gray Quotes Made to Howard Lucraft


British born Howard Lucraft (1916-2011) was a guitarist, bandleader, arranger, composer and journalist. His writings appeared in music magazines such as Downbeat, Jazz Journal International, Jazz Times, Melody Maker, Metronome and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Los Angeles Times, and Overture. He was a great admirer and friend of Wardell Gray. He provided the following quotes from Gray following his untimely death.

  • 1950: I never really felt right and happy with the Goodman band. Also, although Benny is a fabulous clarinent player, he and I did not get along too well, when I was working for him.

  • 1951: My hobbies? I like listening to classical music, reading and cooking.

  • 1952: My best record? Blue Lou, I think.

  • 1953: Lester Young always was the greatest for me, man. He was my idol. Now it's a little sad. Such a tired sound. But Lester will surely be great again, man. You'll see.

  • 1954: I can't really understand Paul Quinichette. He's such a very fine musician and an old and good friend of mine so I am not really knocking him, but it does seem ridiculous for Paul to copy every little inflection of Lester's.

  • 1955: Brubeck's music? I guess I just don't dig it.

  • 1955: Jazz just isn't if it doesn't swing, man. Duke's old song It Don't Mean A Thing is still basic.